Women on Web Move to Increase Access to Abortion Pills in the US

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Women on Web is an organization that increases access to pharmaceutical abortion services in countries where those options are limited. The organization has now started a separate service that will fill prescriptions in the United States to replace access in states that have made access to abortion difficult. Healthcare Triage talks through the details.

Read Olga Khazan’s coverage at The Atlantic:


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26 comentários em “Women on Web Move to Increase Access to Abortion Pills in the US

  1. It’s awful that a service like this is necessary, but good on them for doing it.
    Very glad I live in the UK. We’ve got our problems with our healthcare service, but the NHS is always there, and that’s important.

  2. The only pills women should be allowed to take to prevent pregnancy are thoes that prevent pregnancy from occuring; birth control and the morning after pill. The moment she has a zygote developing inside her is where her choice ends and her submission to her own bodies mechanisms and the mechanisms of the developing human being(s) begins.

  3. But, but, butt !!!! Embryonic stemcells cannot be harvested when using chemical abortion

    There must be a reason why countries that promote religions encouraging human proliferation are also sending abortion ship (Bryonic stemcell harvesting ship) to poor over populated countries …

    Fuck your pills, we want to smother our faces with creams made out of dead babies

  4. All I can think of is women who have been raped. How about them? Who stands up for them? Women should be in charge of the choices they do with their bodies. Also, why the fuck are MEN deciding what a woman should or shouldn’t do with their bodies? I can’t deal fam.

  5. Interesting though. I hate how people tend to think "pro life " and "pro choice" are the only 2 opinions. Its as if people cant see that there are grey areas. And these abortion pills are only given to 9 weeks pregnant or less women. So it seems dumb that some people would be against this. If they were offering abortion services at 15-20 weeks, then i would start to understand the outrage. But at less than 9 weeks imo is fine.

  6. I have had both surgical and chemical abortions and I found the RU486 drug way more of a hit to my system (compared to surgical). It took longer to recover and the hormone crash gave me bad acne. I had to get a post drug review at the clinic in case of unsheded tissue rotting which meant the convenience and privacy of the pill became void. I don’t believe chemical abortions are a equal substitution for getting a surgical abortion and should only be used in situations where proximity to a clinic is non-existent. I fear with the US’s culture of abortion rights will drive women to think that the chemical option is better and more convenient like I did and the surge in purchases may interest online scammers selling fake abortion pills.

  7. ? I understand that this video isn't about the ethics of abortion, but it makes me wonder, as a pediatrician, when you think a child has personhood and the right there within. I know it's controversial. I'm very pro-life. I also think the was the conservatives want to force women to keep the child and then simultaneously try to remove assistance programs to help her is wrong, especially in such a wealthy country. I care about women, but I care about children. Your video on proper sex-ed and access to contraceptive was excellent in displaying a need for these things regardless of perspective on the fetus. You're intelligent, and care about kids, I'd like to hear what you believe on the subject. It sounds as though you are in favor, though perhaps not. If so, why? And up until which point? At what point does a child's life outway the needs of the mother? These are complex questions that are far too often over simplified. Doubt I'll get my request, but I'd love to see a video on it.

  8. Wow! Congrats ladies. You've found another loophole to murder the most innocent and unprotected humans on earth. What a wonderful right to kill child. Not selfish at all, no.

  9. I dont understand how a someone who claims to be a liberal does not stand up for the rights of the smallest person in the room.

    Moreover, the conflation of control of one's body and supposed right to kill a child are not then same thing.

    Ever law ever is a restriction on the ways someone can use their body. So the idea that abortion laws are unique in this sense is wrong.

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