SUPERSTAR – EP 02 – Mission Subscribers | Web Series | Aashqeen

Chant launda is all set to launch his mission to increase his subscribers with his Mohalle ka dost Mishra.
Watch the full video to get to know his साम, दाम, दंड, भेद to get the maximum no. of subscribers.

Special Thanks to Harsh Beniwal 🙂
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Edited & Directed By: Vikas Arora
Director of Photography: Arvind yadav
Creative Director: Ameen Khan
Written By: Sheepu Sharma
Chief Assistant Director: Gyanendra Maurya
Associate DOP: Sachin Gupta
Assistant Directors: Pragyansini Kar, Vishal Kumar, Renuka Dimri
Head of Production: Himanshu Sharma
Costume Stylist: Ekta Singh
Associate Editor: Lakhan Verma
Executive Producer: Ameen Khan
Colourist: Jasmine Entertainment
Graphics: Lakhan Verma
Motion Graphics: Lakhan Verma
Background Score: Kartik Kush
Music & Lyrics: Kartik Kush & Shloke Lal
Song – Launda Kickass
Lyrics & Singer – Shloke Lal
Additional Rap Vocals – Aatang
Song – Karna Kuch To Baap Hai
Lyrics & Singer – Kartik Kush
Casting Director : Himanshu Sharma
Promo Editor: Vikas Arora
Production Controller: Sunny Sharma
Art Directors: Vikas Kumar, Pradeep Kumar
Line Producer: Awdhesh Yadav, Raju Singh
Produced By: Wildlings Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Makeup: YASH
Makeup Assistants: Vinod, Dev
Hair Stylist: Honey
Assistant Costume Stylist: Kishore Rana
Production Assistants: Avi Thakral
Casting Agency: Kalakast
Head Marketing: Barkha Sethi
Publicity Design: Dikshank Negi & Barkha Sethi
Brand Sales and Solution Team: Barkha and Dikshant
PR Agency: MOE’S ART
Finance And Accounts: Sunny Sharma & Rajkumar Singh
Manager: Post Production & Workflow
Lighting: True light
Light Mans: Rambabu, Sushil Kumar, Mishra, Sanjay, Rajkumar, Rehan, Sanjay
Spots: Vinod, Sharvan, Mukesh, Bittu, Pradeep, Sandeep, Farhan
Caterers: Madhuban Caterers

Raunak Pandey: Aashqeen
Pathak: Rahul Aswal
Mishra: Mohit Raj
Manohar: Mahesh Gehlot
Pushpa: Lavina
Rupa: Vishakha
Customer: Kuldeep
Biker: Gaurav
Budding Youtuber: Sachin
Mishra’s Gang: Vivaan, Vineet, Yogendra, Sanjeev, Gagan, Kishore
Dukaan Wala: Vishal Maurya
Rahul: Aman Bajpayee
5th Guy : Avi Thakral
Guard: Darshan
Man at Bus Stop: Ashutosh
Professor: Dheeraj Sood
Pathak’s Gf: Gurleen Kaur
Charsi: Gagan
Also Gyanendra Maurya
Renuka Dimri
Pragyansini Kar
Ekta Singh
Vivek Chaubey
Ankit Singh
Preetam Jaiswal
Kunal Gautam
Siddharth Kumar
Prateek Dayal
Vaibhav Deep

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31 comentários em “SUPERSTAR – EP 02 – Mission Subscribers | Web Series | Aashqeen

  1. This is totally relatable as me being a Aspiring Influencer/YouTuber
    People take this like it's nothing, we're just wasting time !
    But the one's who're doing it knows how much work it takes to built a brand out of your name!🌺
    Keep up the Great Work Brother !🔥

  2. Hi iam your biggest fan
    I like the webseries but I have one suggestion , In your episode the screenplay is not good ,
    Please improve otherwise all cast has done a good job
    Your fan

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