NEVER Go On the Dark Web… 5 Scariest TRUE Deep Web Stories


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HEY MY LOOOOVES. Tonight I’m soooo excited to be sharing these 5 scary true dark/deep web. If you guys like scary stuff like this give the video a thumbs up & SUBSCRIBE. Until next time… ILYSM.



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24 comentários em “NEVER Go On the Dark Web… 5 Scariest TRUE Deep Web Stories

  1. Someordinarygamers has a whole series on the deep web, he shows that it's not actually all scary. It doesn't track your data so a lot of people use it for privacy reasons, although if you're not careful you can of course be hacked, journalists often use it for that reason

  2. I used to go on the deep web before i knew what it was, a friend of mine her much older brother used to order things off silk road. We would play on the sites not knowing the danger. I also had a friend who studied the dark web and id watch him look at some sites from time to time. I never had anything bad happen but i have seen some of the websites they are mostly cheesy old satire websites. You only find what you look for, so dont go looking for trouble! And yes please dont go on without help or knowledge.

  3. just to let you know, you cant really play a video on the deep web like you can on modern social media sites. the connection is just too slow because its being rerouted so often. thats also a reason for why the web designs look like theyre from the late 90's, theyre way faster to load. you have to download most video files to play them. that also means live streams are almost completely impossible, while it is theoretically possible, the quality would be like less than 240p.

    if there was ever a real live stream (almost none have been confirmed as far as im aware) the host would realistically have to link the user to a private stream on the clear web for it to be viable.

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