Manalo Arjun Reddy – The Dawn || Latest Telugu Web Series 2018 ||

Hello Everyone!!
This is an all new series about the kind of experiences a typical Indian would experience in the US. Each episode is individual of the other.

Behind the smiles of every single Indian here you see on the social networks… there is constant disturbance running in the mind… there is a story untold…. voices unheard….. thoughts unexpressed….There is a constant Frustration that keeps everybody on their toes.. and THIS is what Manalo Arjun Reddy is aimed at.

For all the Arjun Reddy Fanatics out there (I’m one myself), in my perception Arjun Reddy is that character that is under constant pain and hence, to me he is a character that personifies frustration. He behaves like nobody watches him…. he talks like the world doesn’t exist – the purest way of expressing one’s thought and hence, I found the character to perfectly match with the way I want to express my ideas. Hope that explains the rationale for having the title.

This current video that you are going to watch / are watching / have watched marks the 1st episode / video of the series of videos that would come out in the following months (and my first ever attempt at creating something). I have been working on this for the last 2 months travelling through different locations. I’m aware there are still a lot of flaws technically, but honestly, I’m okay even if this video is a 6/10.

It would be a great addition if anybody wants to join the team… give in ideas…. or handle the projects technically. You can contact us at:

Instagram: manaloarjunreddy

Feel free to subscribe for more – it definitely keeps me motivated…. but it’s okay if you did not like this one …I’ll come back with a better one. Thank you for your time 🙂


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