How To Get WhatsApp on PC

Easy to follow tutorial on installing WhatsApp on your Windows PC or Mac. Learn how to use Whatsapp on your PC instead of your phone now!

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– While Whatsapp will work on a PC, it will only work if you are logged into a whatsapp account on your phone already.

– On your PC open up a web browser and go to

– Click on the download button from the top menu.

– Now select download for windows.

– Launch the file once its been downloaded and whatsapp will start.

– Now you need to open whatsapp on your phone.

– Tap the menu button and then choose ‘whatsapp web’.

– You will then need to scan the QR code on the PC to synch the two apps.

– Once that’s done you’ll be able to use whatsapp on your PC like normal.


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