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Amazing digital marketing tips on competitive analysis from Snaily.

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Welcome Snaily the Snail – your competitive analysis trainer who loves to reside in sheep’s wool and to play on trees.

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Digital Marketing Fundamentals: Course Introduction P1
Competitor Analysis: Quick look P2
Audience Persona and Development: A Snapshot P3
Website Planning, Creation & Development: Basics P4
Website Planning, Creation & Development: Advanced P5
Content Creation, Marketing and Blogging: Basics P6
Content Creation, Marketing and Blogging: Advanced P7
Social Media Marketing (SMM) P8
Video Marketing: Basics P9
Video Marketing: Advanced P10
Social Media Advertising (SMA) P11
Social Media Optimization (SMO) P12
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) P13
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) P14
Online Display Advertising P15
E-Commerce Marketing P16
Lead-Generation: Basics P17
Lead-Generation: Advanced P18
Email Marketing: Basics P19
Email Marketing: Advanced P20
SMS and Whatsapp Marketing P21
Mobile Marketing & App Store Optimization (ASO) P22
Google Analytics: Basics P23
Google Analytics: Advanced P24
DoubleClick for Enterprises: Complete Walk-through P25
Lead-Targetting: Basics P26
Influencer Marketing: Basics P27
Influencer Marketing: Advanced P28
Strategic Marketing: Basics P29
Strategic Marketing: Advanced P30
Guerrilla Marketing P31
Landing Page Creation P32
Funnel Marketing: Basics P33
Funnel Marketing: Advanced with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) P34
Growth Hacking: Basics P35
Growth Hacking: Advanced P36
Affiliate Marketing: Basics P37
Affiliate Marketing: Advanced P38
Brand Monitoring Tools P39
Viral Marketing: Basics P40
Viral Marketing: Advanced P41
Digital Marketing Exams: Cheat-sheets (Google Adwords, Analytics) P42
Inbound Marketing: Basics P43
Inbound Marketing: Advanced P44
Product Marketing: Basics P45
Product Marketing: Advanced P46
Referral Marketing and Chain Marketing P47
Beginner’s guide to building a chat-bot P48
Freelancer’s guide to digital marketing P49
Business Intelligence: An Overview P50
Interactive Content: A snapshot P51
Personalized Advertising P52
Enhanced Media Marketing P53
Offline Marketing Strategies P54
Online Reputation Management (ORM) P55
Digital Marketing Exams: Cheat-sheets (Hubspot) P56
Knowledge Box: Get access to millions of other Digital Marketing courses (Tricks) P57
Digital Marketing Interview: Tips and Tricks P58
Learn Leadership skills to work with Digital Marketers P59
Current Job industry and futuristic trends in Digital Marketing P60
Your Personal Branding Blueprint P61
Resume Building: Tools & Resources P62
Video Resume Building: Tools & Resources P63
Discover Jobs Now: Tools, Resources & Tricks P64
Entrepreneurs’ toolkit to start a digital marketing agency P65
Digital Marketing techniques to increase sales P66
Intro to PR (Public Relations) to build buzz around your brand P67
Client Management for Digital Marketing P68
Graphic Design for social media P69
Retention Marketing Principles P70
Copyrighting secrets for Startups P71
More Copyrighting secrets for Startups P71
Practical Business Scaling Secrets P72
Crafting Smart Marketing Plans that sells P73
Omni-channel marketing P74
Programmatic marketing & media-buying P75
Earn via YouTube: Build & Grow your YouTube Channel P76
Consumer Engagement: Practical Strategies P77
Diagnostic Tools & Industry Benchmarks P78
Digital Marketing Product Negotiation Skills P79
Customer Relationship Management Training (CRM): Basics P80
Customer Relationship Management Training (CRM): Advanced P81
International Digital Marketing: Selling products globally P82
Social Listening: Fundamentals P83
Digital Marketing Metrics for Data-Driven Companies P84
Demand Management: Breaking down today’s demands P85
Communication Skills for Digital Marketers P86
Amazon Kindle Marketing Tricks: Basics P87
Amazon Kindle Marketing Tricks: Advanced P88
Wearable Technology Marketing: Basics P88
Wearable Technology Marketing: Advanced P89
Gamification in Digital Marketing P90
Social Engineering: Hacking Human Minds with Digital Marketing P91
Start your own Branded TV channel P92
Time-Management Tips for Digital Marketers P93
Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing P94
Career Coaching Session: Digital Marketing P95
Master Amazon FBA: Basics P96
Master Amazon FBA: Advanced P97
Bonus: Bing Advertising Training P98
Bonus: Train the Trainer (Digital Marketing) P99
What’s Next: Intro to Future 1.0 – Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing P100


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